Tuesday, August 9, 2011

thanks my dear(s)

Assalamualaikum & hey guys,,

  • Okay, first of all, i would like to give a big thanks to my mother because buying me a birthday cake (secret recipe) on last Saturday, quite thick kay. haha. kitaorng celebrated dekat hospital so abah boleh lah tgk kan :) then dgn akak-2 engineer & abg technician TNB pon join celebrated, lagi meriah ah. mmg sporting habis ah dorang :D

  • secondly, to all who wished me happy birthday :) Terima kasih sangat sangat! :D


  • lastly , to my friends (farah, afiqah, wawa) because gave me a birthday gift . Wawa gave some money, and farah & afiqah gave me some angry birds related items :D Thankyou Very Much Girls! ^_^

* thanks Fyka! :)
(click to enlarge)

* SR chocolate chip cake :) ILY mama :-*

*celebrated birthday in hospital :D 
( Jap jap! click gambar atas ni ye *gambarbergerak*) :DD

* Thanks a lot to Afiqah & Farah :)

( Jap jap! click gambar bawah ni pulak ye *gambarbergerak*) :DD

P/S : To Farah Nabilah or Farra Elle --> Apparently tomorrow (10.8.2011) is your birthday, so I would like to wish you "Happy Birthday" ! May Allah always bless you kay :) About your gift, i will give you later. I could not buy your present in this weekdays. But don't worry, i will still give you a birthday gift. Just wait kay :D


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