Friday, August 12, 2011

Trial oh trial :/

Okay, titile & gambar above ni memang ade kene mengene dengan ape yg nak ditulis sekarang ni.:|

Todays date is 12 Ogos. You know what? Trial has been almost near, it is just around the corner. When? On 16 Ogos. I was like, "OMG!!!!!! biar betol ni? UNBELIEVABLE!" -.- The truth is, i just prepared a little bit only, there's many more i have to revise back. okay, this really can make me KA-RAY-ZEE ! Are the question gonna be easy ? ORRR hard ? OHH CRUD ! Why lah exam on this time don't have 'soalan bocor', lol -.- but i think i can still do my revision because 16 Ogos is just the Seni paper, sooo no need to worry sangat lah kan about seni tu. and then 17 will be the Nuzul Quran holiday *justoneday* ,, hence, 18 the trial gonna be continue . BUT i can't waste my time lah doing UNIMPORTANT work like what i am doing right now (blogging) >< Biase lah tu kan, remaja skrg , LOL LOL LOL :DD ramai je kate trial nak dekat so tanak online until the exam end, tapi the fact is, still lagi online. haiyaa .. So nak buat mcm mane lagi kan, just wait for the paper soon and bila bukak-2 je paper tu, mate terbeliak dgn sebesar-besarnye, then dalam hati jerit, "What The? Bapak susah ah -.-" . haha, Mcm tu lah if I was not prepared for the exam at all.

Kay ah, Chaw dulu. Wish me luck okay ? Loveya :D boiii !

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